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Download Ringtone Anywhere – Rita Ora Free For Androi, IOS

Artist: Rita Ora
Released: 2017
Category: Pop Music

Anywhere” is the second single off of her yet to be announced second album. According to Ora herself, “Anywhere” is a love song. Rita explained more about the song by saying: “Anywhere‘ is super important with everything going on, The core of this song was written in L.A., and I really wanted to get out of there. I felt too still and that every day was the same for me, so I wrote a song called “Anywhere” basically saying, ‘Take me anywhere, anywhere away from here.’ We turned that into ‘Anywhere away with you,’ and it became this incredible love song.”

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Anywhere Ringtone Lyrics:

Time flies by when the night is young
Daylight shines on an undisclosed location, location
Bloodshot eyes looking for the sun
Paradise delivered and we call it a vacation, vacation

You’re painting me a dream that I
Wanna belong in, wanna belong in

Over the hills and far away
A million miles from L.A
Just anywhere away with you
I know we’ve got to get away
Someplace where no one knows our name
We’ll find the start of something new
Just take me anywhere, take me anywhere
Anywhere away with you
Just take me anywhere, take me anywhere
Anywhere away with you.

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