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Artist: Brett Eldredge
Album: Brett Eldredge
Released: 2017
Label: Atlantic Nashville
Genre: Country
Producer(s): Ross Copperman; Brett Eldredge
Songwriter(s): Brett Eldredge; Matt Rogers

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This track finds Brett Eldredge singing about finding love. “For me, ‘The Long Way’ stands out as such a powerful look at love and that search for something deeper,” the singer said. “It’s about that big moment when you finally meet the person you’ve been waiting to meet, and you want to know everything about them.


Ringtone The Long Way:

Take me the long way around your town
Were you the queen with the silver crown?
I want the secrets you keep, the shine underneath
Of the diamond I think I just found
Take me the long way around

Didn’t think tonight when I walked in
I’d be falling for somewhere I’ve never been
Take me the long way around your town

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